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Marknadsinformation i Sverige AB

Marknadsinformation i Sverige AB holds updated information about all Swedish households, customers and companies. We are the market leading provider of contact information where we deliver names of decission makers, personal e-mail addresses and direct phone numbers. Our twelve employees has an average of 10 years experience in our field of business. We perform cleansing services, deliver files of updated and complete lists of information and integrate information databases to our customers own software  through a very flexible API solution.

Software for extracting lists of addresses and data quality 

We have developed one of the strongest and most flexible software for selecting target groups and extract lists of addresses to consumers and companies. The software is very easy to use and provides accurate data, you will recieve instant counts and prices online. The data is updated on daily basis.

The user-friendly software has today more then 1900 customers that extract lists of adresses and phonenumbers to their DM and TM activities. It is possible to import own files in order to cleanse and add data to the own records. PostNord, Datainspektionen och Artexis är some users whom also have access to our support online or by phone.

Surveys and interviews 

Marknadsinformation i Sverige AB holds the market leading database, due to interviews on daily basis, concerning contactinformation such as named decission makers, e-mail addresses and direct phone numbers.

We also map the IT-situation in Sweden amongst larger companies. We interview CIO and CFO about their ERP, CRM and BI software.


We have performed specific surveys within the IT-area for customers such as SAP, Microsoft and Apple Premium Resellers.

We also provide customers with reports concerning the mix of gender within the management teams amongst Swedish companies. The reports has also been printed in newspapers such as DN and Ledarna.

Partners and suppliers

In order to deliver correct information, add information to excisting lists of customers or exclude records from a selection, a complete and relyable database updated on regular basis is needed. Due to our long experience we now hold agreements with the most important and best well known providers on the Swedish market such as the Swedish Tax Agency, credit reporting agencies such as UC AB and Syna AB, Bolagsverket for information about the companies, Lantmäteriet for ground and buildings and Fordonsregistret for vehicle information.

We are an independant supplier of marketinformation that use the sources best adapted to the requests of our clients.

Member of SWEDMA 

Marknadsinformation i Sverige AB is a member of the Swedish organisation SWEDMA and has been active in forming the ethical rules in e-mail marketing at the Swedish market. 


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