List of companies in Sweden

Swedish company register

In our tools for selection of target groups online you can select your own list of companies in Sweden. All data, such as turnover, number of employees, names of decision makers and email addresses are updated on regular basis and holds the highest standard in our line of business.

Create your own Swedish company register

You can easily work online in order to extract a list of companies in Sweden at Fö

  1.   1. Select Swedish company register by a few simple clicks
    1.   2. Add data to your target group
  2.   3. View your selection and see prices

If you have your own list of Swedish companies that needs to be excluded from your selected target group, you can import their VAT-number free of charge. You will find the import under “My orders” where you use the command “Exclude”.

The delivery will be in a few seconds from the time of acceptance of the quotation presented online.

We help you with identification if your list of Swedish companies lack the VAT-information.

If you require an API-integration between our data and your companies own software such as the sales ledger in the ERP, please ask us for the technical specification. Our API connects to all Scandinavian countries and provides updated address information amongst other selected data.

Get in touch with top decision makers in Swedish companies and organisations